Fullfilling the Dream of Homeownership


The Dream is Real .. Whether you are a prospective first time homebuyer, an existing homeowner, a renter or a seasoned investor, TheJNLGroup Real Estate will help!  Located in Southern Nevada & Northern California.

For many Americans, one of the most common dreams and goals is owning a home: a piece of land, a roof over your heads, and a place where our families can grow and flourish.

If you’re dreaming of buying a home this year, the best way to start the process is to connect with Trusted Real Estate professionals that will help guide you through the steps.  Trusted Advisors will help you to navigate through the process.  We at TheJNLGroup will help you to understand what goes into buying a home, support you in making the best decision for your family and ultimately achieve your goal.

Understanding the Process

The process of buying a home is not one to enter into lightly. You need to decide on key things like how long you plan on living in an area, school districts you prefer, what kind of commute works for you, and how much you can afford to spend.

How Much Can You Afford?

Keep in mind, before you start the process to purchase a home, you’ll also need to know how much you can afford and live comfortably.  Contact a Lender you Trust or Ask Us for a Referral. It is important to receive a Loan Pre-Approval. Lenders will evaluate several factors connected to your financial track record, one of which is your credit history. So make sure you’ve been paying your student loans, credit cards, and car loans on time.

How Much Do I Need for a Down Payment?

In addition to knowing how much you can afford on a monthly mortgage payment, understanding how much you’ll need for a down payment is another critical step. Thankfully, there are many different options, including Conventional, FHA and VA. There are also several resources in the market to potentially reduce the amount you may think you need to put down up front.

It Is Within Reach 

If you need to save for a down payment, start small and be consistent. A little bit each month goes a long way. Jumpstart your savings by automatically adding a portion of your monthly paycheck into a separate savings account or house fund. Before you know it, you’ll have enough for a down payment if you’re disciplined and thoughtful about your process. While you don’t need to cut all of the fun out of your current lifestyle, making smarter choices and limiting your spending in areas where you can slim down will make a big difference.

Realizing Your Dreams

If homeownership is Dream, You are the Captain of your Ship. Allow Us to help you Navigate Through. We will put our years of knowledge, expertise and professionalism to work for you. Contact Us for the Ultimate In Care and Customer Service.  Your Trusted Advisors, Craig, Amanda and Jamisha  #TheJNLGroup Real Estate