Make A Good First Impression

Buying a home is usually an emotional experience. First people make the decision to purchase based on their first impression.  You won’t get the chance to make a second impression on a potential buyer if the first one puts them off.  The subconscious appeal that you effect may affect your sales price and help you sell more quickly.

Get the competitive edge when you make the few improvements to generate a demand for your house.  The best way to sell your property quickly is to create an atmosphere that will charm buyers and make them want to own your house. 

Here are some simple guidelines to increase potential for a quick sale.

Front & Back Yards

  • Keep your lawn cut and edged. 

  • Trim bushes, hedges & trees. 

  • Remove any dead foliage and other debris. 

  • Accent corners and entry area with colorful flowers.

Exterior Doors & Fences

  • Repair doors and gates that close improperly or squeak.  

  • Paint or stain doors that are chipped, faded or unsightly.

  • Repair damage on walls and fences for maximum attractiveness.

Driveways, Walkways 

  • Power wash to clean all stains and mildew.

Exterior Structure 

  • Power wash the exterior to remove dirt, dust and cob webs

  • Paint exterior and or trim if chipped, dull or faded.  

  • Rain Gutters, attach loose spots. Touch up with paint if necessary. 

  • Roof: Check all shingles and flashing; repair if necessary. 

  • Windows, Screens: Clean and replace broken screens and windows 

  • Entry Light: Clean thoroughly and replace bulb(s) if necessary. 

  • Patio Furniture: Clean and arrange attractively.


Kitchen, Baths … Make them sparkle!

  • Clean all appliances. 

  • Remove  water stains from fixtures, basins and tubs. 

  • Repair leaky plumbing 

  • Clean and repair all tile grout and caulking.  

  • Declutter and Clean off counters for spaciousness. 

  • Clean inside cabinets; remove clutter for roomy appearance. 

  • Tighten loose drawer pulls, cabinet handles, towel racks and doorknobs.

  • Tighten or replace broken or missing switch plates and outlet covers.

  • Display your best towels, mats and shower curtains.

Windows, Mirrors and Walls … Make them shine! 

  • Windows and mirrors reflect light and help to make rooms look bigger.

  • Carpets, Window Coverings: Clean or if needed replace.

  • Paint: Wash walls and trim that appear dull or dirty.

  • Paint rooms where paint appears dingy or has bright dark colors.

  • Paint trim in rooms that are wallpapered.  

  • Tack down any loose moldings and glue down wallpaper that has lifted.


  • Declutter. Too much furniture makes rooms appear small. 

  • Rearrange or remove some furniture to create open traffic flow areas.


  • Lighting attracts and creates an open airy feeling, replace broken bulbs. 

  • Natural Lighting: Let it in! Open your curtains and blinds.


  • Air out all rooms to eliminate odors, especially pet, smoke or food odors.

  • Air out stuffy rooms that are not used frequently. 

  • Introduce a pleasant scent with soft potpourri, oils or candles.

  • Clean entire house, pay attention to corners and baseboards.

Create Dreamy Bedrooms

  • For a spacious look, get rid of excess furniture. 

  • Luxurious or Colorful bedspreads and fresh curtains are a must.

Garage and All Closets

  • Make your storage areas appear expansive so remove all clutter. 

  • Clean shelves and overhead storage.   

  • Reduce volume — get rid of those items that have collected dust for years.  

  • Clean & organize tools and work areas.

Lighten Up at Night

  • When showing you home at night, turn on all your lights, in & out.

  • The right lights add color and warmth, and make prospects feel welcome.

Showing Your Home

  • Potential buyers often feel like intruders when they enter a home filled with people, and will be more likely to hurry through.

  • Keep a Low Profile, prepare to be absent, excuse yourself or step outside.

  • Prospects want to view your home with a minimum of distraction. 

  • Keep dogs & cats in a kennel, outside or out of the way.

  • Let your experienced TheJNLGroup Associate handle communication.

  • Never Apologize, no matter how, for your home's shortcomings. 

  • Defer to Experience. When prospects want to talk price, terms, or other real estate matters, let them speak to an expert — your TheJNLGroup Sales Associate.